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Installing Safes is what we do for a living. With over 12 years of experience and thousands of safes installed, Move My Safe is the best way to go. When installing safes, equipment is just as important as the skills and we’ve got plenty of both! Our Safe Installation Services are for anyone who wishes to have their safe installed in their home or business. Our technicians are the best on the industry, they are always clean and on time. We will install your safe quickly, efficiently and without any damage to your Safe or property.

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Safe Installations And Counting!!!

How To Order A Safe Isnatallation Service


Get Safe Information

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Get The Dimensions, Brand, Model, Name, as well as any other information. Every Safe is different and might require different sets of tools and expertise to be moved succesfully.


Choose a Place

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Take your time to find the best place for your safe to be, keep into account, dimensions and accesibility. Have a secondary location selected in case the safe can not be placed in your first choice.


Clear The Way

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Make Sure there is enough space for us to go in or out with the safe without any problem and clear obstacles.


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